Thwip! Reviews – The Wild Storm #1

This was an insanely, intensely dense comic, something that I have come to expect from Warren Ellis, and he delivers on so many levels that people should just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Previously I have mentioned how Ellis has mastered the single-issue story (look at my review about Moon Knight to read about that), but here he shows that he knows how to use a commercial universe and just expand the living junk out of it.

The Wild Storm is truly a wild ride, with Ellis just throwing various factions into the mix and showing how various groups that are aimed at looking to bring about the future (whether for the good or bad, that is yet to be seen). The best thing about Ellis is that he knows how to craft a compelling futuristic story, throwing a whole bunch of concepts and ideas at the reader, but it all feels accessible, despite the alienness of it all.

Then there is the art of John Davis-Hunt who really plays into the Ellis “white” aesthetic (colors by Ivan Plascencia also helped). His art really shows how the marriage of words and art make comics a great medium, since he shifts perspectives, panel counts, and panel sizes so masterfully that you can feel the story that Ellis is banging out on his screen.

A little difficult to read for those who aren’t aware of the Wildstorm universe, but for those who are invested, this is perfect. Still going to give it just shy of all five, instead going for four and a half Thwips! and a look to the future.


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