Thwip! Reviews – Wonder Woman – Odyssey of the Amazons #2

You know what? This story feels like it came from someone who is a part of the Underworld movie franchise.

What I mean is that it is kind of generic, two factions fighting, allying themselves, all to prevent the women to help birth warriors to fight the apocalypse…seems kind of familiar doesn’t it?

It’s not a bad story by far, Kevin Grevioux writes an acceptable story, it just isn’t very compelling or anything new. The main problem is the introduction of the vikings, which distracts the reader from the Amazonians, who we learned to be actually a tribe of women from all various cultures that happen to be immortal(?), and so you kind of want to learn to know and love them. Unfortunately the story serves to to just move from plot point to plot point.

Ryan Benjamin’s art is good, though slightly inconsistent. Thankfully inconsistent along the terms of good, ranging from pretty nice to quite fantastic, but I still would like a throughline of quality rather than what feels like change in frame rate in a video game.

It’s an okay comic, I kind of want to see it to the end, but am not impressed and don’t feel it adds much to the Wonder Woman canon – so an average three Thwips! for this story.


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