Thwip!’s Sunday Soapbox – How Much Movie News is Too Much?

Thwip!’s Sunday Soapbox is all about us here at Thwip! headquarters to pontificate about what is right (or wrong) about the comic industry at the moment. Today we are going to talk about Movie News.

So I woke up to find that it looks like Matt Reeves is not going to be the director of the Batman film, which may or may no longer have Ben Affleck as well…but apparently does have Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke ’cause he has been apparently brushing up on his reading and his katana usage, wait why do I know all this?

I follow a large number of comic book news websites, mainly to keep up with what actual comic books are coming out and all that. But nowadays as comics are expanding beyond their original medium (which I am fine with), we get more and more news about the movies that are coming out…three years from now.

Hyping a few weeks before the movie comes out? I am fine with, it makes sense, ’cause that is all marketing – I am genuinely hyped about the Logan movie thanks to the movie posters that artists were allowed to display overnight. Since Logan is coming out in less than two weeks time, makes sense, gotta keep the hype up.

You know what I didn’t appreciate? The past year and a half of speculations and casting rumors and whispers about what the movie could be…eighteen months of bullshit since every rumor that got “confirmed” also eventually ended up in the “garbage.”

Then there is the fake triumph of when a rumor gets “confirmed” – okay, so Logan is apparently about Old Man Logan…so? It’s not like we are going to have an exact adaptation of Old Man Logan anyway (since most of the characters that appear in Old Man Logan are owned by Marvel Movie Studios and not Fox), so it is going to be at best an homage.

But yet everyone erects sixteen foot boners at a sliver of information that is pretty meaningless for anyone with half a brain.

But who is to blame? Reporters gotta eat, so they are going to report on anything and everything they hear in the bathroom stall or deleted tweet, but it is up to us to not get so hyped about it.

’cause in the end, everyone is going to watch the movie in any case, look at last year’s Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad, both of which made near a billion dollars each…despite being critically panned.

So you fanboys who are all excited about each drip of movie news that is coming out, stop it, you are embarrassing yourselves and are pretty much being dumbasses.

TL;DR – movie news is a drug that people need to wean off of ’cause they are basically sucking the fun out of just going out to enjoy a film, now excuse me while I watch a movie I have no idea about and enjoy the living crap out of it.


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