Thwip! Reviews – Green Lanterns #18

Alright, what is up with DC heroes and mothers? Seriously, did Disney also secretly buy the company?

Anyways, this issue is basically a recap of Volthoom (well needed for me since I am jumping back onto Green Lanterns as a regular reader this primer was kind of a nice read) and a preview for the upcoming the story arc.

Sam Humphries writes a good story…though it feels like he cribbed a lot of story elements (failure to save the mother, shades of Batman right there…and the Flash…and pretty much most heroes at the moment and then we have the whole saving his planet, which is shades of Emerald Twilight and the whole Hall Jordan as Parallax disaster). Besides the story elements, the voice that he gives Volthoom is really interesting in that the big bad V is a lot more human (I know he is actually human, but I mean a proper human with all those human characteristics) and not a generic villainous butthead that seems to permeate the villains’ roster.

Robson Rocha’s art is really pretty in this issue, being highly rendered. The best bit for this issue are the facial expressions which are vibrant and quite expressive a necessary thing for the melodramatic tone that the story calls for.

An interesting pre-story to the main event, let’s see where this goes…three and a half Thwips!


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