Thwip! Reviews – Savage Things #1

Another new Vertigo series with a strong creative team of Justin Jordan and Ibrahim Moustapha, there was no way I wasn’t going to pick it up.

The story so far is pretty straightforward (and kind of Ellis-ish, which is a good thing) in that there are clandestine super-assassin(s) who have been trained from birth who may be the only line of defense against revenge seekers.

I said it was straightforward, not simple.

Justin Jordan puts together a good story and characters, giving people that classic CIA spook vibe and the assassin(s) and their sociopathic tendencies, it all works together. So far the story has a pretty clear set up, giving a good background to both the plot and the characters that are going to be involved.

All of this is ably supported by Ibrahim Moustapha whose art is clear and the action pretty decisive. That end sequence was fantastically staged and clearly showed the direction that they are going to take this series.

A very strong debut issue, hope it continues at this level it will make for a very solid series to read, believe me – four Thwips! and DUCK!


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