Thwip! Reviews – Superman #18

The first chapter of Superman Reborn had me crying in the end…a little out of “holy shit, did that actually happen?” and also a little out of fear ’cause Supes scared the crap out of me with that last panel.

Alright, story-wise it kind of is more set-up rather than actual story. Unfortunately, it is ridiculously great set-up because Tomasi and Gleason give us that pitch perfect Midwestern family piece with Clark, Lois, and Jon celebrating the wedding anniversary. The way it was written (and drawn by Gleason), you get sucked into the family moment that when the actual story kicks off, you get super-affected (pun slightly intended).

Then there is Gleason’s art which is stellar as usual, giving a fantastic Silver Age/updated John Byrne vibe that really sells the whole “this is our Superman.” I have run out of words to acclaim Gleason’s art, he is goddamn fantastic, period.

Also, considering that this story looks like it is finally going to confront Mr. Oz, I am pretty excited about what this little event is going to bring.

Five very optimistic Thwips!


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