Thwip! Watch – Arrow – S05E15 – Fighting Fire with Fire

Thwip! Watch is all about what goes on our screens, namely TV. Whether CW or Fox or NBC or what-have-you, you can be sure that we here at Thwip! have been watching it. Today we are going to talk about Arrow.

This episode of Arrow finally does what I wanted it to do…deal with Prometheus. Unfortunately this episode was all over the place as it tried to cram a lot of things into this episode.

Let’s look at what this episode tries to do:

  1. Evolve Mr. Terrific
  2. Reveal Prometheus
  3. Deal with Vigilante
  4. Have Oliver be a politician and deal with political things
  5. Russian stuff
  6. Dating/relationship issues
  7. Thea

We all have to admit that that is a lot of things, and it would be too much for any TV show, which is why this episode was kind of uneven.

The big problem with this episode is that it would have been really interesting to go all political and kind of make the super-heroics take a backseat, give them a new angle and a new type of story to tell – it would help to inject a bit of freshness to the series.

I have no clue why should I care about the Russian backstory, which was promising to be a very interesting mafia/Bratva Arrow-flavored Godfather story. Instead it has descended into a story that is playing for time until the end of the season. Who knew that Russian gangsters could be boring?

The whole Vigilante/Mr. Terrific part was kind of played up and tried to be low-key at the same time that the whiplash might have actually physically hurt me as I watched the show. Mr. Terrific and his T-spheres is actually a big deal for anyone who is a fan of the character from the comics, but in the show it kind of feels so…blah, especially confronting the Vigilante

Speaking of the Vigilante, who I realize why they played up his presence in this episode (it’s for the Prometheus reveal), but he has been appearing so on and off during the season that it felt like they forgot about him until they realized they needed him.

As for the Prometheus reveal…damn that was badly done, it had no gravitas, no drama…it barely showed his face really (but they did and it was a good reveal, so that’s why was disappointed how it was done).

Then there is Thea, who hasn’t been seen much in this season and it feels like they are putting her on a bus ’cause they can’t figure out what to do with such a large cast…which is a shame because her new role was interesting since she was evolving beyond being “Speedy.”

As for everyone’s relationship drama…did we really need to deal with it this episode? And it all seemed kind of hand-wavy when it came to Susan…and pretty obvious when it came to Paul and Curtis.

So many things wrong with this episode which was promising to be an interesting and different but descended into mediocrity.


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