Thwip!’s Retro Tuesday – Top 10

Tuesday means that Thwip! goes “retro” and talks about collections/storylines that we think were awesome (and still are) – today we talk about the Alan Moore America’s Best Comics series
Top 10, with art by Zander Cannon and Gene Ha.

This is by far one of my favorite comics ever.

The main reason is because this really showcases the joy that Alan Moore has for the superhero genre (despite his current outlook on how it all is, kind of rightfully so).

The premise is simple, all the superheroes and villains occupy a city and it is up to a super-powered police force to make sure that the city doesn’t become vaporized on a daily basis. Precinct 10 is the main focus of the series and they are a colorful bunch.

I mean that more literally than figuratively.

They are actually all quite capable cops who use their powers as necessary to ensure that justice is served in the city.

The great thing about this series is that it shows how Alan Moore can write a great superhero comic, developing characters, dropping really deep-cut homages to a variety of comics, and also having a good cop story that you would not imagine a person who wrote The Killing Joke or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen could do.

The art is a little dated, which seems mainly due to printing problems, ’cause Zander Cannon and Gene Ha litter the pages with so much background details (and are lovely draftsmen, so seeing the art look a bit muddy is kind of sad) that you can literally spend hours just looking in the background for all the little references that they drop.

This is a great series that is not talked about enough, trust me, go read it, and then get the Absolute version and read it again.


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