Thwip! Reviews – Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8

A new story arc has the Birds of Prey (and Nightwing) dealing with a new threat…Blackbird!

Huh, this series really is going for that bird theme hard, isn’t it?

The Bensons sisters have a nice voice for the Birds of Prey and so even if you are just jumping in on this story arc you will immediately feel right at home with the girls.

What was good about this story is that despite the fact that there is a bit of background information needed, the story was well written enough that you do not feel lost.

There was an interesting moment when Black Canary is the one who gets the most invested in hunting down Blackbird, something I didn’t quite expect, but the Bensons managed to make work.

Then there is the art of Roge Antonio whose art style has a touch of Yanick Paquette, in a good way. I kind of am looking forward to seeing how Antonio is going to showcase Black Canary’s fighting skills in the next issue, ’cause if he can draw action in a badass way, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

A very solid issue for this new story arc, an excellent four Thwips!


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