Thwip!’s There Will Be Spoilers Review – Logan

There has been a lot of hoopla over the years about Hugh Jackman being Wolverine.

This is the film to finally justify it.

The real reason Logan succeeds as a film is that it tries to craft an actual story – of legacy, of endings, of peace.

The R-rating does not make the movie better, it just allows for a bit more viscerality, but in reality a PG-15 would have sufficed, but hey, they went with the R and leaned heavily into it.

So let’s talk about how Logan is a better movie than the previous two Wolverine films (let’s not talk about the X-Men movies, ’cause he was not meant to be the star). In Wolverine: Origins it went for the spectacle of recognition but had none of the soul. The Wolverine went for the soul, but forgot to craft a coherent story.

This one has a bit of soul, the inklings of a story, and great character interaction – that’s because everyone forgets how much Patrick Stewart (Professor X) and Dafnee Keene (Laura/X-23) and Stephen Merchant (Caliban) help to ground Hugh Jackman’s Logan. Each of the times that Logan has to interact with the respective characters, rounds Logan off and shows how much he has changed since we first saw him back in 1999.

Hugh Jackman does a great job as Logan. He has always done admirably in the role, but this time the writers gave him something to do except growl and he plays it all the way up to the hilt – to be honest, he should be recognized for his work for this movie, ’cause he completely brings it.

For me, what was most surprising was how much Patrick Stewart brought to being Professor X once more. I felt that he was already kind of semi-retired from the role and so when I saw him playing quite a large part in the movie, I was pretty happy (’cause Patrick Stewart is awesome, none of you can deny that). Stewart plays his role with glee and vibrancy as he still plays mentor to Laura and a gigantic pain in the ass for Logan (kind of like a more stable version of his character from Blunt Talk). This was a great send off for the Patrick Stewart version of Professor X (they actually give him a proper role in this movie and everything, not just a glorified cameo).

Then there is Dafnee Keene who has a great physical presence about her, playing the more-or-less non-vocal X-23. considering how young she is, the fact that she is playing a primarily physical role is a testament to how hard she worked for this movie. A great number of kudos for her role in the movie.

Logan was a really good movie, one that I might consider watching again, which is high praise considering that I barely like watching movies a first time around.


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