Thwip! Reviews – Gotham Academy: Second Semester #07

The funnest part of Gotham Academy are the secrets (and when they get revealed).

This arc has all been about the secret of Oliver Silverlock and it is a deep one.

Kerschl, Fletcher, and Cloonan are fantastic collaborators and with the art of Msyassk and Adam Archer, this series has been maintaining that school charm that makes the series so unique in the DC universe.

This issue continues the trend of showcasing that kids, they got their own problems, it is why grown ups will never understand. It doesn’t help that the school they are in is pretty much the source of half of their problems and the other half is them and their parental issues.

Which brings us to Olive, the most mysterious one of them all, whose secret origin is (partially) revealed in fiery fashion!

Now let’s see how the grown-ups will deal with her outburst…should be a good one (mainly ’cause usually they solve problems by revealing more secrets, which drops jaws, fixes problems, and causes more).

For those of you who haven’t jumped on the Gotham Academy train, you all are missing out! ’cause this issue was great with the kids being kids and getting ready (though they don’t know it yet) to help Olive through her issues, like good friends do!

Four Thwips for this solid series!


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