Thwip! Reviews – Mother Panic #4

This will be my last review of Mother Panic, ’cause I don’t get this series and I am not even enjoying it.

There are so many things wrong with this series, so let me organize my thoughts:

1 – Why friggin’ Gotham? It’s not even using Gotham effectively except to comment on Batman…but being done in such a way it literally could have been done in any other city

2 – The main character, whose name I don’t remember, is just angry…and has apparently a crazy mother – but none of that gels together to make it interesting

3 – Is this person going for revenge or is she there to solve a problem? Her motivations are unclear and by the fourth issue I should be sure as to what is happening

4 – So is this a new story arc? I feel like the third issue didn’t really wrap up anything.

5 – This should have been a weirder more twisted series, instead this feels like anti-establishment hero who isn’t all that committed to her schtick.

So yeah, going to count this in the loss column unless someone wants to convince me otherwise.


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