Thwip! Watch – Marvel’s Iron Fist – S01E06 – “Immortal Emerges from Cave”

Thwip! Watch is all about what goes on our screens, namely TV. Whether CW or Fox or NBC or what-have-you, you can be sure that we here at Thwip! have been watching it. Today we are going to talk about Marvel’s Iron Fist.

I am going to say it right now…despite the previous episodes, I am still having high hopes for this particular episode because it is directed by RZA – a noted kung-fu film fanatic (and [ostenibly the head] member of the excellent Wu-Tang Clan).

This episode shows that even with a director who loves the material, bad writing drags down everything (and choreography).

So the RZA laid out the primary portion of this episode as a very old school jiang-shi style kung-fu film – with a tournament and an overbearing master (Hoon Lee’s voice is great as the Thunderer…I guess the whole body does well, but he mainly stands around, so can’t say much). Each of the people that Danny has to face are perfectly over-the-top and cartoonish…it’s exactly what I have been waiting for from a comic book series that was based on this old school style kung-fu movies (sorry, that’s a terribly constructed sentence, but I am sure you understand my sentiment).

The problem that this episode has though is…the fighting. It’s so slow and without any sharpness of movement, it really feels that they are all play-acting – thus breaking the suspension of disbelief.

Then we have the dialogue…the only time it felt engaging is when we were in the main part of the story, with RZA going full kung-fu fantasy on us – but otherwise, no one feels real and they are just saying lines to get to the next moment. Again, it’s all breaking my suspension of disbelief (take, for instance, Luke Cage, where every time someone talked, they commanded attention, they said things that made you feel that there was something at stake…here, it just is…).

The one good thing is that there is an underlying mystery as to why Danny left K’un L’un.


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