Thwip! Watch – Marvel’s Iron Fist – S01E08 – “The Blessing of Many Fractures”

Thwip! Watch is all about what goes on our screens, namely TV. Whether CW or Fox or NBC or what-have-you, you can be sure that we here at Thwip! have been watching it. Today we are going to talk about Marvel’s Iron Fist.

The past seven episodes had you reading my grousing how this really sullies the name of all the things the Iron Fist comics were based on, old-school kung-fu films.

Well, I finally got what I wanted, and I kind of regretted it.

For the first eight thousand minutes or so has people talking and making frankly insane plans (when arson is the least insane path, you are either playing Borderlands or you are a psychopath). I realize that maybe at some points maybe the showrunner and crew really do love comic books ’cause they are going for these one-dimensional caricatures of human beings.

So yeah, it’s kind of insulting.

Anyways, blah blah blah, we end up in Bumfucktown, China (somehow via a Leer jet, don’t think so, but whatever) and we get setup with two pretty promising looking fights.

If we ignore a lot of things.

First of all, are these guards supposed to be members of the Hand? Is that why they are carrying swords and staves and not normal guard equipment like guns or batons or anything like that? (then why are they wearing guard uniforms? Also, isn’t the Hand from Japan? Okay, I might have opened up a can of worms here).

Anyways, the thing is, Colleen fights random female guard with a sword and the guard does a spectacular job…but oddly enough uses wushu, which is more of a showy, exhibition-style martial art than something you would see in a street fight so that was kind of distracting. The woman did her job and loses because they needed to give Rosario Dawson something to do instead of ratcheting up tension that Colleen Wing could actually lose.

Then we have Danny Rand fighting a drunken master. This was the money fight, being a reference to one of the most beloved Jackie Chan films of all times. And the guy does it well, but kind of half-heartedly. It felt more like an audition of skills than an actual showcase of a fight.

That’s when it hit me, this show feels like it is running on a shoe-string budget, ’cause the drunken master fight felt like the director told them to “fight, but don’t get hurt, we can’t afford the insurance! no! softer than that! can’t you just replace your arms with pillows? oh man, Jeph Loeb is going to kill me if anyone gets hurt.”

So, with that said, I guess there is a story going on here, I am not sure whether it is revenge, super-heroing, just time to unleash the Gao or what, but the series is finally chugging along and trying to give things to do to all the cast members.


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