Thwip!’s “What About…” Wednesdays – Clean Room

Thwip!’s “What About…” Wednesdays is a quick look at a current series that we haven’t talked about in a while or not reviewed on this site. So, let’s see what’s Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt’s Clean Room.

Just trust me, go read this comic, especially now that it has hit its stride and is ramping up its awesomeness.

I guess I should write some more about why this comic is good, I mean you are here to read my awesome words after all, and who am I to not provide for my loving audience?

Alright, this comic starts off slow and weird, spending the first story arc to build characters, the plot, and the world…and then launches itself like a friggin’ rail gun. The story has it all (if you are a horror freak, which I am not, but I enjoy it in comics more than in any other medium [except perhaps video games I think]) – monsters, strangeness, wild colors, and complete confusing insanity.

All in a good way.

Gail Simone’s practiced hand is well supported by the inimitable Jon Davis-Hunt, whose art is luscious. easily able to put together talking heads’ scenes and action sequences as well without dropping a beat. Coupled with vibrant coloring, this series has you both recoiling and fascinated by the monsters that Astrid is apparently seeing.

So g read Clean Room, ’cause I don’t want to be the only one sitting in anticipation for the next issue.



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