Thwip! Review – 2000AD #2023

Those of you who are unfamiliar, 2000AD is the major home for Judge Dredd (he also has his own magazine, called Judge Dredd Megazine), as well as a whole bunch of other types of stories that don’t include the antics of Mega-City One. The magazine serializes several stories, revealing a chapter a week until that particular arc is finished.

Since 2023 is supposed to be a good jumping on point (2000AD is good in that after about ten issues or so they make sure all the stories end and people can start with all new chapter 1s), feel like talking introducing you all to something new and awesome.

Judge Dredd – “Get Jerry Sing”: (by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra) A quick and bizarre little Dredd story by his creators. This story is kind of a backhanded satirical take on the current US situation, especially when it comes to all the violence that has been happening there and worldwide (Dredd is nothing if not political). Kind of fun and chuckle-worthy, not as good as earlier stuff of course, Ezquerra’s art is a bit uneven, but for those of you just starting out with Dredd and his stuff, this is a good sample of how the stories can run.

Brink – Skeleton Life: (by Dan Abnett and Inj Culbard) Kind of a prologue to what is to come. Definitely an interesting (but a bit basic) hook, featuring a supernatural space station under construction, an evacuated Earth, and eye-popping colors.

Future Shocks – The Best Brain in the Galaxy: (Andrew Williamson and Tilen Javornik) Future Shocks is always a done in one story that has a twist ending. I have to admit, it was a good one, ’cause even though I knew there was a twist, I couldn’t figure out what it was and so they got me! Kudos Williamson and Javornik!

Scarlet Traces – Cold War: (by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli) The first chapter in what looks to be an interesting sci-fi war. The Martians (who are now living on Venus) are constructing Dyson Spheres/Rings (think Halo) and Earth is on the chopping block. As Earth is faced with destruction, what’s to happen? Great concept and good art, color me intrigued!

Cursed: The Fall of Deadworld – (Part One): (by Kek-W and Dave Kendall) Oh man, this is some Fallout meets Blame! – which is a stellar combo. Kek-W gives just enough world-building and story-telling to get a reader hooked and then Dave Kendall’s art is gloomy and great, all in the right way.

Pretty decent jumping on point, kind of wish they didn’t have the Dredd story so that the first chapters of the other stories could have been a bit meatier. But, everyone did great with the page-space given, so why should I complain?


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