Thwip! Review – Anno Dracula – 1895 – Seven Days in Mayhem 01

So I kind of got interested in this series when Neil Gaiman mentioned the Anno Dracula series in an introduction to one of his short story collections. I never got around to collecting the books, but let’s see how this debut comic works out for everyone…

This was kind of an up and down issue.

Ups: Interesting as hell, massive cast, has a hook, great art (though it is a bit inconsistent, but let us see how McCaffrey handles the other issues, maybe there is a reason for the style)

Downs: Very verbose, at times it feels like Newman hasn’t properly transitioned from novels to comics yet, as he spends a lot of time inside the heads of multiple characters and so it makes for a bit of some difficult reading – especially if this story arc is going to be only five issues long.

There are germs of potential here and will probably try to follow this series, at least to the conclusion of this story arc. I hope Newman manages to separate the characters a bit so that we can spend some more time with them.

Plus, there is the mystery of Sunday we need to contend with, that character’s design is very interesting.


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