Thwip! Reviews – Teen Titans #06

So we are back on the Teen Titans, missed the little rascals to tell you the truth.

Benjamin Percy has a really solid hand on the direction he wants to take the series, serving to establish who these new kids are, whether familiar or otherwise, and bring in those new faces (especially ’cause this iteration of the Teen Titans are quite different than what is on the screen).

Since this is a new story arc, we get a lot of set up, which is good, because this is promising to introduce Aqualad, who only was hinted at and about in the DC Rebirth Special almost a year ago (or has it been a year? I lost track a little).

Percy does a really nice job of managing to establish the voices of the characters in a relatable way, even if this is where you are jumping onto the series, you don’t feel lost as the story unfolds (well, except maybe with Damian and Goliath, but nothing too significant really)…especially with Jackson Hyde’s little intro (which feels like it hits that nice sweet spot of how teenagers feel, but not throwing them under the bus for being angsty shits)

I have sung the praises of Percy, but let’s not forget the artwork of Khoi Pham, whose light-lines are reminiscent of cartoons in general, but still keeping with the comic book stuperhero aesthetic. Starfire still feels older than a teen, but i think I will just have to live with that, but otherwise the kids…look like kids (in a superhero universe, these kids are way too ripped otherwise…but they don’t look small adults is what I am saying).

Gotta also give a shout out to the colors of Jim Charalampidis – whose light and bright color-work really helps to emphasize the “teen” aspect of this book.

Solid start to the arc, let’s hope it keeps that way…four Thwips!


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