Thwip!’s Sunday Soapbox – Why Aren’t We Talking about Samurai Jack?

Thwip!’s Sunday Soapbox is all about us here at Thwip! headquarters to pontificate about what is right (or wrong) about the comic industry (or pop-culture in general) at the moment. Today we are going to talk about the magnificence of Samurai Jack.

Leave your garbage opinions about the Justice League movie trailer at the door, ’cause I am going to tell you the thing that everyone should be excited about is/has been the return of Samurai Jack.

When last we had Samurai Jack on the air, it was 2004/2005 – it ended at a pinnacle of excellence in craftsmanship, storytelling, and just visual flair.

What it did not do was give us a satisfying ending.

Fast forward thirteen years…Mako is dead (he was the original voice actor of Aku [he also voiced Uncle Iroh in Avatar: the Last Airbender for the majority of the series, he was given a tribute at the end of the episode “Tales of Ba Sing Se]) and creator Genndy Tartakovsky was flying high off of his success from Hotel Trannsylvania.

But he made us a promise, that he would eventually finish off the story of Samurai Jack.

For those of you who never watched the original run, you are missing out…on everything, Tartakovsky crafted an actual mature cartoon that is visually stunning and requires a bit of brains to enjoy, since it requires the watcher to pour themselves into the samurai.

Then the promised day had arrived, and Samurai Jack had returned to the screens.

And it still is magnificent.

The story is undoubtedly dark, but at the same time accessible and not off-putting. Instead, we have a story that has grown up, much like those who had as well, waiting all those long thirteen years. While still retaining a lot of the familiar show tropes, from the visuals to the cartooniness of it (the villain of the first episode of the new season is…well, just go watch for yourself and you will understand what I mean).

The whole point of this post, however, is to tell you, that instead of waiting with your thumb up your asses for the next two years over a movie that you are going to watch several times and complain about, why not better use your time and take in a true showcase of excellence – in any field.


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