Thwip! Reviews -X-Men Prime #1

It has been a while since I talked about the X-Men and Marvel in general.

Since I do have a fondness for the X-Men and they are starting again…again, let us check out the new stuff being released with a brand new slate, alright?

So, this comic came out…and I feel that is all you can say about it.

The thing is this comic is serving as a launching point for all the other major X-Men comics that are going to be coming out, which kind of hinders what is the main goal for this series to be (basically the Prime series seems to be about the “main” X-Men group, but which ones constitute the main X-Men group is yet to be seen). So at the end of the issue you feel like you know nothing about what is going on…is the school going to be relaunched? Are they like X-Corp? Are they heroes? Are they mutant peacekeepers? Nothing is answered or really hinted at.

The art is…serviceable, nothing to jarring between the four artists involved, but nothing spectacular or to write home about. There is one lingering question though, is that supposed to be the X-Mansion or a cabin that is bigger inside than the outside? Cause visually, it makes no sense.

With that said, I will check out the other comics that will be coming out (for me, Generation X is the comic I am most looking forward to), but I hope that since their premises have already been established in this comic, their respective first issues should be stronger debuts – but not holding my breath.

A down the middle two and a half Thwips for this first issue.



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  1. Erydale says:

    As far as I know this was only a one shot to set up the upcoming books. X-Men Gold is going to be the title with the “main” group.


    1. thewordistry says:

      That makes more sense, still don’t get the game plan for X-Men Gold then, but at least as an overall prelude chapter it is feels more coherent

      Bland, but coherent…


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