Thwip! Watch – Powerless – S01E06 – I’m A Friend You

A very surreal, but a very run of the mill episode of Powerless.

This was a very strange episode in that it still had that “Powerless” charm, but at the same time the story was kind of…blah – it feels like it wouldn’t be out of place in a regular sitcom like “Last Man Standing” or something very Middle America.

And that’s not what I want from Powerless.

I want them to be going deep-cut DC jokes, to have some major weirdness and childlike glee as we laugh at jokes pretty much no one else would laugh at.

Instead we get poop jokes.

So yeah, suffice to say, despite the fact that there are some good moments, but they felt few and far in-between and unfortunately those in-between moments consisted of nothing that we had not seen before.

I hope that despite this episode they keep trying with Powerless, I want that pseudo-Community vibe, I want them to be weird and wacky and something that isn’t on the screens at the moment.

Come on Powerless, make me feel…empowered? No, probably not, but bring it all out and on!

The moment where the ladies kick Tony the Hot Dog guy’s butt though was good, a nice moment of actual empowering.


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