Thwip!’s Manga Mondays – Psychometrer Eiji

It’s Monday folks! Which means we talk about a favorite manga of ours and why you all should read it – this week’s Manga Monday is all about Yuma Ando and Masashi Asaki’s Psychometrer Eiji

Just to let you know, am talking about the original series that came out back in the ’90s (the current new one has been on hiatus for a while…and I just learned about it a few minutes ago, so I have no idea about it at all).

Anyways, so I decided to go really old-school (I know I just reviewed a pretty old manga last time, but hey, you gotta live with it) and talk about a pretty fun detective manga.

Psychometrer Eiji is about a young, rough and rude delinquent who has a special power – he is a psychometrer (he gets psychic readings from objects he touches). With that power and the help of a young, sexy detective he goes out to solve crime.

The series is nothing spectacular by itself, but it is a fun read. The mystery stories are a little bit dated, but the plethora of deranged psychos that apparently litter Tokyo make me think that they need to start doing a Criminal Minds show based there.

The cast of Eiji and his friends are kind of fun to hang out with and you kind of wish that your teenage years were like theirs.

A great escapist manga that I hope one day will be finished translated, ’cause I need some closure about Akagi (and a whole bunch of longer-running mysteries). But those chapters that are available are fun enough to read and is a great way to wile away an afternoon.


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