Thwip! Watch – Riverdale S01E08 – “The Outsiders”

Thwip! Watch is all about what goes on our screens, namely TV. Whether CW or Fox or NBC or what-have-you, you can be sure that we here at Thwip! have been watching it. Today we are going to talk about Riverdale.

So it’s been a while since I live-blogged Riverdale, hope you missed me enough to be back to read my random thoughts as I watch the latest episode.

Also, I still have no burger 😦

  1. Damn, immediately we get psycho Alice Cooper
  2. I hope there is a Halloween episode with Alice Cooper going as Alice Cooper
  3. Damn, Grandma Blossom in the Secret Garden with the wedding ring! (this isn’t Clue I know)
  4. Huh, Sheriff Keller knows where Polly is…don’t think that is a good idea
  5. I am still disappointed that Polly and Betty are two different people
  6. You know, this is a nice thing that the Lodges are doing for Polly – kind of a callback to classic Betty and Veronica stories
  8. I haven’t really talked about Luke Perry as Fred Andrews…it’s weird, but it works, just like the entire series
  9. It’s not a Gordian knot, it’s the Sulaiman decision
  10. Veronica’s party problem was hilarious (and true to form)
  11. I don’t like Kevin as the Big Gay Best Friend – it is too cliche
  12. Oh shit, the Jug/Betty relationship is official?
  13. Also, holy shit, Alice Cooper is still scary as hell
  14. Oh damn, Blossom power-play against Fred Andrews!
  15. Also, I told you Sheriff Keller knowing was a bad idea…
  16. How old is Polly in this series? In the comics she was quite a bit older…
  17. Also, so does Chick Cooper exist or not?
  18. “Clifford” sounds way better than “Cliff”…definitely more aristocratic
  19. Father/son moment! Woot! Woot!
  20. I am happy about the Father/Son moment because Fred and Archie really do feel like best pals…compared to the other parents and their kids
  21. Hermione is right, it will be a bloodbath at the baby shower if the Blossoms and Coopers come…I can’t wait!
  22. Okay, second best parenting “couple” is Hermione/Veronica
  23. Which is cool because in the comics Hermione is basically a cypher, so when giving her agency and character they get pretty much free reign.
  24. Oh damn, they got Fred Andrews riled up…even Mr. Lodge in the comics has regretted doing that
  25. YES! I knew this was going to happen, Archie brought the gang to save the company!
  26. Seriously, I hate Kevin Keller (this version)
  27. Well stop being an asshole Alice!
  28. Huh, Polly still hasn’t finished high school
  29. I seriously don’t think Alice has regretted a single decision, she seems psychopathic that way
  30. That was a weird conversation between Kevin and the rest of the crew
  31. Why is Jughead so buff? Very awkward…
  32. Oh damn, they brought the darkness – they just beat up Moose!
  33. Come on Moose, we have seen you take on the entirety Central High, those two punks you should have taken easily!
  34. I am pretty surprised Moose is standing, guess he can take a couple of crowbars to the head and keep on ticking
  35. Can Betty be the godmother? Does that make sense? She is already the baby’s aunt…
  36. Justice League Rebirth poster spotted in the background!
  37. Oh yes! Archie is going to do something!
  38. Weird, Jughead didn’t text back and we kind of glossed over that fact…seemed like it meant that a story was brewing there
  39. Listen to the voice of reason Archie! Juggie always has your back
  40. You know, I want to take a moment to talk about the color palette of the series – despite being dark and moody, it still pops with color, something that I miss in the Flash/Arrow series…seriously Green Arrow is not green enough nor is the Scarlet Speedster scarlety enough.
  41. Moose is pretty big, good job casting crew
  42. So we are acknowledging that Kevin’s boyfriend is a Southside Serpent…kind of like that
  43. Damn, Archie is crazy
  44. Still weird to see Jughead’s dad as a Southside Serpent, but I do love that twist
  45. Where was Reggie in all this? I know he is a jerk, but he still would have the gang’s back.
  46. Baby shower time!
  47. Jughead and Betty kissed! Again! The couple is real! (and I am pretty cool with it…though I hope we do get the love triangle one day, not right now though, too much drama to handle)
  48. Best entrance ever by Cheryl
  49. They brought Grandmother Blossom! I don’t know why am tickled pink by that
  50. Bring on the blood! Cooper vs. Blossom grudge match!
  51. Surprisingly heartfelt talk between Fred and Jughead’s dad (I forgot Jug’s dad’s name)
  52. Wow Archie, kind of a dick move at the baby shower
  53. Veronica is the voice of reason??? Weird…
  54. That is a creepy rocking horse Blossoms…that’s the rocking horse where that kid dies in the “Rocking Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence
  55. The grudge match has begun!
  56. Dammit Polly, don’t stop them!
  57. I don’t like any of the Coopers’ hair styles
  58. Surprisingly understated fight, was expecting more viciousness…Polly ruins everything
  59. Don’t believe her Polly! Your mom is crazy
  60. A new twist! Papa Cooper tried forcing Polly into an abortion…and Alice looks pissssssssssssssssed finding that out.
  61. Aw, Archie wants to pull his weight, classic stuff!
  62. Schmaltzy relationship stuff between Betty and Jughead is weird – until they flip it into junior detective investigator mode!
  63. I do like Jughead’s loyalty to his dad, is kind of heart-breaking but heart-warming as well
  64. There we go, the big question has been asked.
  65. This really is the Dark Ages
  66. A little too cheesy Betty
  67. Don’t ever go behind Alice Cooper’s back
  68. Uh oh, I think I know what happened to Chick Cooper (he was aborted)
  69. Blossom blood means Polly is banned from the Cooper household
  70. Nope, Alice, you have unplumbed depths of psychoticism
  71. Did not expect Father Cooper to have such a backbone or a manipulative streak, thought it was all with Alice
  72. The duplicitousness of Jughead’s dad is really quite frightening
  73. Yup, saw that coming as well, but let’s see how it all works out, ’cause you know I love how this series is all about RECONCILIATION!
  74. The hand of Hiram is being felt!
  75. Betty is true to form in comics, but it feels really cheesy when she is being all naive and wholesome in this Dark World
  76. Polly has betrayed us! She has gone to the Blossoms! Beautiful set up for more delicious drama!
  77. This feels like a Rapunzel setup…
  78. …or another murder of course.

Great episode, Riverdale is seriously the series to beat, especially when it still is managing to throw twists and turns as it likes and with aplomb.


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