Thwip! Watch – iZombie S03E01 – “Heaven Just Got a Bit Smoother”

Thwip! Watch is all about what goes on our screens, namely TV. Whether CW or Fox or NBC or what-have-you, you can be sure that we here at Thwip! have been watching it. Today we are going to talk about iZombie.

So iZombie is back and it is bringing some full on crazy zombie hijinks.

After the full-on chaos of the season finale of the second season, the third season premiere is trying to put the pedal to the metal with a butt-ton of storylines being laid out for this upcoming season.

Let’s run down what the premiere has thrown down:

1 – Zombies have their own paramilitary group and they are prepping for when they become discovered – violence style! (They also happen to be trying to make their own zombie island so that they can live in peace). This looks like it is going to be complicated, very very complicated…

2 – Clive is trying to figure out how to deal with the revelation of zombies…especially that Liv and Major are zombies and so are a whole bunch of other people he knows

3 – Major is dealing with the fallout of being outed as the Chaos Killer (and his new job)

4 – Blaine may not have his memory, but he is still one oily bastard – and has the hots for Payton (who is hot)

5 – Ravi is having to deal with everyone’s issues and the fact that Payton slept with Blaine

6 – Blaine’s sidekicks are looking for a big money score and just might fuck it all up…all of it…

7 – There might be a new serial killer on the loose…a zombie serial killer! (I mean the killer is serial killing zombies…not that the serial killer is a zombie…well he/she could be, but we don’t know yet)

Also, Ravi is just going full-on mad scientist trying to make some kind of cure…either to zombism or amnesia or heartbreak


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