Thwip! Reviews – Royals #1

With the X-Men retaking the ground, it is fair to say that we should also watch what the Inhumans are up to as well, so with that said, let us see how Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers fare with the royal family.

This was a much better issue than I expected, but I still haven’t connected with anything at the moment.

Again, as with any first issue of anew series, it is all about setting things up for the series premise, a necessary evil. Which means aside from Medusa (whose prose is wonderfully purple), everyone has a generic voice to themselves, but since it is Al Ewing, I expect it to improve and the characters be much better as the series progresses.

So I can’t really comment on the characters as yet, that means I gotta comment on the story itself.

Oddly enough, I wish that Ewing gave a bit of a deeper hint than “there is a secret that you must know, come follow me” – for those who are unfamiliar, it just feels like some random dude is inviting you into his windowless van promising candy (this might be intentional, but as it stands, it feels very hand wavey).

As for the art, I love Jonboy Meyer’s style…for the Teen Titans (gone on record for saying that). Here I feel while his art is still vibrant and energetic, it doesn’t instill the right mood for the series, which feels it should be epic and be full of bitching Frank Franzetta knock-off moments.

Not knocking the art, just feel it doesn’t work for now.

Feeling a bit hopeful about the series, so will give it an optimistic three and a half Thwips…


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