Thwip! Reviews – X-Men Gold #1

After last week’s kind of bland launch of the X-Men, we have the first issue of X-Men Gold, the Kitty Pryde team.

So what did we think? It was…alright.

There was nothing really bad per se about this issue, just that it was a lot of setup for what feels like the second issue of the series (last week’s Prime issue felt like this series’s debut really). Guggenheim has a strong handle on the characters and where he wants to take them, though it feels like he is treading familiar territory with Kitty having to deal with financial issues all over again (same thing happened to her when she was helping Wolverine run the school in Jason Aaron’s run of Wolverine and the X-Men…I miss Krakoa Jr.)

I am not a big fan of the art, but more of a personal preference than a complaint. It reminds me too much of edgy 90s art…feel like Cyber Force should be making an appearance or something.

If you are okay with the art, it is fairly good, though there is some storytelling issues in that the action is a little muddled at times (I couldn’t figure out what Kitty did with that building…or how they moved it after she phased it through the other building, it didn’t make much visual sense).

But a perfectly decent issue all in all, three Thwips for the new start of the X-Men.



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