Thwip! Reviews – Batman #20

Oh man, I have such mixed feelings for this end of “I am Bane” arc.

Tom King does an excellent buildup, the inner thoughts of Batman as he takes his brutal beat down at the hands of Bane are this moody, contemplation that really sells the idea that this might be the end. You get sucked into what Batman might be thinking, despite in your heart of hearts that you know for sure he isn’t going to die, but King’s words just somehow mesmerize you.

The words would be useless if it wasn’t supported by David Finch’s art. His Bane is brutal, monstrous, and unstoppable. Every slam, kick, punch, and stomp are heavy and forceful, so much that you can feel Batman’s body break as if you were your own. Truly heavy stuff.

While I may have sung praises for this issue, I have to say the ending feels abrupt…when the final moment happens you kind of feel “that is it?” I feel like this could have one more issue to properly conclude the fight and have a wrap-up of Batman’s death thoughts…

Windows that said, I still will give it a solid four Thwips.


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