Thwip! Reviews – Green Lanterns #20

By far the more interesting of the Green Lantern characters, this was a pretty decent issue.

Namely because Humphries is crating out some decent characterizations, making both Cruz and Baz diametrically opposite to the main Lanterns (thus making Baz and Cruz more interesting by far – also, should I combine their names to Bruz? Just a thought). Even Humphries take on Dr. Polaris was pretty good, making him almost sympathetic. There are also hints at a bigger story arc at play here, as well as more confrontations…so all in all Humphries packs in a lot for a single issue.

Pansica’s art is pretty nice, very competent and has good energy and action to it, though I have nothing much to say about it – he does his job well, taking everything that Humphries throws at him (and there are a variety of scenes) and dealing with them with (supposed) ease.

Solid issue that does not make me regret follow this series, a good solid three and a half Thwip’s.


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