Thwip! Reviews – Superman #20

A new beginning, and a new mystery for the once again changed Kent family.

In the aftermath of the small Superman Reborn crossover, we are left with more questions than we like and who else better to get the bottom of all of this than Batman (and son)?

Gleason and Tomasi bring their classic spins on the father and son duos, showing off their steady, practiced hand on their take of the hero families. What was most interesting to read was how this new Superman and Batman interact with their conflicting ideologies (Supes came out looking better, but Batsy didn’t back down…and we see later with good reason).

There is a nice horror element that seems to be stemming from some concepts that were laid down in a previous issue, which I am very pleased with, means it wasn’t just a throwaway adventure.

As usual, Gleason’s art is gorgeous, his Superman is such a creature of strength and light that you can’t help but feel that things will be alright, even if we are just eating pie…

I gotta say though, Damian is a bit too mean to Jon, especially with all the family around…

For this pretty solid issue of set up and family fun, three and a half Thwips.


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