Thwip!’s Retro Tuesday – Lumberjanes

Tuesday means that Thwip! goes “retro” and talks about collections/storylines that we think were awesome (and still are) – today we talk about Boom! Studio’s Lumberjanes

Sometimes you just want a comic to be fun and full of energy (okay, I want that all the time, if i wanted dourness, I would actually go outside.)

It is why I pretty much always recommend Lumberjanes.

The premise is deceptively simple…an all-girl summer camp that is full of magical weirdness (as I described before, it’s Harry Potter in the woods and featuring more competent characters).

The girls of the Roanoke cabin of “Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types” (a good name…better than Hogwarts by far [I just like shitting on Harry Potter for no reason, it’s actually a good series, but one that you can also make so much fun of).

Anyways, the girls are in their camp and they get into all kinds of mischief that kind of are far different than what you and I did when we were in camp (I had wedgie wars, these girls play hide and seek with Apollo and Artemis…in retrospect, I might have had a bit more fun than them).

The crazy adventures and the camaraderie of the girls really sells the series, as it just is about friendship (yes there is some romance, but it doesn’t feel troubling, just another day in life…which is how romances should be! [except for bestiality ones, those are quite clearly wrong]).

This series is fun, it’s youthful, it’s colorful, and it’s the perfect antithesis to dark and brooding comics that other companies are putting out there, so it serves as a good palette cleanser – trust me, you will want to read this and just enjoy the crap out of it.


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