Thwip! Reviews – Weapon X #1

Like I mentioned in my X-Men Blue review, we here at Thwip! want to give Marvel one more chance with this X-Men relaunch (we think the universe-wide relaunch is just blatant cash grab/soulless/ain’t gonna work…if you want us to review it when it happens at the end of summer, leave a comment or something so that we know it is something you are interested in! Also, send some comment love/hate please, feel like am writing in a vacuum here).

Anyways, if you remember in my X-Men Prime review (I don’t know why I am doing so many callbacks, but this might be a trend) I found the issue kind of garbage, mainly because it felt like a launching pad for the various new X-Men comics…but done badly.

The Weapon X story was hinted at in the Prime issue, but it was so brief that it almost unmentionable…which is good ’cause this issue was a better launching point by far, establishing who (Old Man) Wolverine is, the status of Sabertooth, and basically what happened to Deathstrike. Greg Pak is such an old, steady, practiced hand at this, that he is just like, “watch this”…and ka-blam just gives us a really decent issue (unfortunately I won’t say it is a great issue, because it had to spend so much time on setup, rather than giving us the hook, which is what I am really looking forward to in these comics…I mean the X-Men have really not changed since forever…FOR-EV-ER).

Greg Land as the artist was a surprise…going for more of a Marvel house style rather than his CG/tracing style that he is know and derided for. It was pretty decent art, with everything looking the way it should, so that is that at least!

A solid three and a half Thwips!

(sorry I am not consistent in handing out the Thwips, I keep forgetting what style am going for when I do the comic reviews)



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