Thwip! Reviews – Action Comics #977

In this post “Superman Reborn” days, there is something sinister a-brewing.

In Action Comics #977, we have several odd decisions culminating in decent, albeit rehashed story-telling.

For some reason, we spend a majority of this issue looking at the origins of Superman…you know the one, where Jor-El is trying to convince the Science Council that Krypton is going to explode, Krypton explodes, and Kal-El is found as a baby by the Kents – probably the second most iconic origin next to Batman’s.

The thing is, so far nothing new has been shown (except one thing that I will mention in a bit) – to the point that Superman is like, “wait, I know this…”

The parts that aren’t just a massive retelling of Supes’s origin is all about a gathering of the baddies for the next story-arc…interesting bad guys (especially that guy Blanque…fells more Batman-esque than Superman, but am glade we are getting a villain we haven’t seen before [or we haven’t seen in a while, you get what I mean])…but nothing much has been revealed.

Ian Churchill’s art is pretty good for the most part (nothing spectacular, but good nonetheless). The only thing that I found odd with his style was the way he portrayed Krypton…which instead of the sterile, cold place that I am familiar with, was full of vibrancy and color. It felt odd…like they are going for the idea that Earth could be Krypton someday, but that is something that I never thought of in that way, anyways, except for that odd design choice, overall, Churchill’s art is good, really good – making the issue a lot more bearable than it had any right to be.

A competent issue that had odd choices all around, so we give it three Thwips!


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