Thwip! Reviews – Titans #10

I am just reviewing this for a lark (and plus just want to see what I am getting into with the upcoming “Lazarus Contract” event coming up).

Hoo boy, this is such a 90s comic.

At first I thought this was just 90s aesthetic with Roy Harper’s backwards cap and giant sunglasses and everyone posing in such a way that shows off the maximum of muscle flex and of course the teeth gnashing.

Then I read it, and it is such ham-fisted expository dialogue and weird witty repartie as they destroy the lab around them that my nostalgia sense were off the charts.

I thought I would be lost ’cause haven’t been following the series or this story arc at all, but everyone said just enough that I never felt lost…or cared either, but that’s a different problem (mainly mine).

Seriously though, this feels like it could have been called Wildcats or Gen13 and I probably would not have noticed.

Kind of chuckling at that.

Also, is this called “Made in Manhattan” because the new character Bumblebee is supposed to look like J.Lo? (do we still call her that?)

I don’t have a right to judge this comic, so not giving it any Thwips (as a comic itself, it is pretty decent, average basically, but I didn’t say anything review-y, so I shouldn’t rate it)…I just felt like writing how much this looks really like a book ripped from the 90s…



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