Thwip! Reviews – 2000AD #2026

So let’s look at what the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic has in store for us this week:

Harvey by John Wagner and Ian McCrea – Damn this was a fun comic to read. If you aren’t familiar with Judge Dredd and his dealings with the  Mechanismo project (where they tried having robot street judges, good comics from back in the day) you probably don’t have the same amount of nostalgia for this chapter as I do, but it was still damn fun to read. McCrea’s art is great, with his design for Harvey for some reason being really appealing to me. Probably my favorite story of this week’s issue (also the Steve Dillon reference made me miss the guy on 2000ad, he did his best work there, RIP to an artist gone too soon)

Defoe by Pat Mills and Colin MacNeil – A little 17th century zombie horror for you. It was an alright chapter to a longer story, but not my cup of tea really. It felt a bit too light (but it does actually establish a lot) and the artwork is not as good as I would have liked it to be.

Brink by Dan Abnett and Inj Culbard – Considering how few pages this story was, it is really well written. Abnett (by the way, how much does this guy write? Dude is majorly prolific) has a nice quick-paced repartee that helps to explain the tension, the problem, and also what could possibly be going on. Just like a proper mystery should. Culbard’s poppy art is still really nice to see and somehow really works in this science fiction setting.

Scarlet Traces by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli – A very wordy piece that sets up a lot. I am kind of so-so with this storyline, it started off more promising than it is delivering. D’Isareli’s art is decent, the mind-melting acid trip while conversing with the Mentas was gorgeous, but as for the “regular” aesthetic, I could take it or leave it.

Cursed – The Fall of Deadworld by Kek-W and Dave Kendall – As we dive further into despair in this story, I gotta say I am really enjoying it, even though the ending is kind of a foregone conclusion. Dave Kendall’s art is great, though sometimes a bit too loose and muddy for my tastes, but overall, it is a great style for this story.

Overall, a pretty solid week for 2000AD, giving it an overall three Thwips! for being just so gosh-darned consistent.


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