Thwip! Reviews – Rose #1

Man this is a gorgeous comic. I have never heard of the artist Ig Guara, but if she/he can maintain this level of consistency for the series, the book will be worth buying for that alone.

It’s not only because of Ig Guara’s figure work, which has characters oozing very classic vibes of Dungeons and Dragons/Conan the Barbarian/Sword and Sorcery aesthetics (for all its faults and fanbulousness), but also for the dynamic angles that Guara tries to put the characters in. the artist really just wants to have an a visually exciting book (not only about action, but also  to give something different for the eye to look at) and I applaud the efforts.

As for the story…meh.

It’s kind of generic small village girl has to be savior of a kingdom because she is a long lost something (and the villain is a dick [not literally…especially not in this story]). The only twist I liked was the daddy issues that the villain apparently has ’cause that was kind of amusing to me. Otherwise, I really don’t have a care for a story that doesn’t seem to promise much more than what is on the tin.

Visually exciting (and promising, I can’t wait until the titular character gets her familiar, should give Ig Guara a lot of possibilities to work with), but hampered by a story that everyone is familiar with.

Two and a half Thwips!


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