Thwip!’s Manga Mondays – Groove Adventure Rave (Rave Master)

It’s Monday folks! Which means we talk about a favorite manga of ours and why you all should read it – this week’s Manga Monday is all about Hiro Mashima’s Groove Adventure Rave aka Rave Master.

Earlier this year I talked about how crap I found Fairy Tail to be and that Mashima’s earlier work was a much better read.

So let me take the time out of my busy schedule to explain just how.

First of all, smaller (recurring) cast – since this manga is more along the lines of a “typical” or “classic” shounen, we get our core characters with their personality traits and then some guests and a wide-range of villains – what Fairy Tail does wrong is that the cast is huge and they all kind of run together after a while.

Second of all, a simpler premise that is executed really well – boy is out to save the world thanks to the weapon that was bequeathed to him…it doesn’t matter that things are so straightforward, since it is done really well (Mashima shows off that he does have an excellent design style, especially with the ten forms of the Decalogue).

Finally, it actually has an end. Right now Fairy Tail feels like it is going the Bleach route, stretching the ending of the series far beyond what it can bear. Groove Adventure Rave ran for 35 volumes, which is not an insignificant amount of time, but there was a clear throughline for what the manga wanted to do (though it doesn’t really become apparent until late in the game) and the end came in a satisfactory way.

Don’t believe me? Go read the manga (don’t watch the anime though, it was quite bad), and tell me if I am wrong or not!


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