Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics #955

What’s a little Orphan to do?

Apparently just beat the shit out of an entire city’s worth of ninjas.

This issue was a little cheesy (especially that cover reveal) but it helped to frame the story as Orphan makes her way to save the rest of the Bat-crew. I am going to admit, this has not been James Tynion IV’s best writing, being a bit too cliche for me (especially since he has been on such a tear lately) – I think the big problem is that it’s all about the least talkative member of the Bat-family, giving Tynion precious little to do but plot the issue.

Marcio Takara’s art is fantastic, being dark and broody and all inks and shadows and just looking so goddamn gorgeous as Orphan makes her way through the League of Shadows like hot steel through cold butter. His action art is so lovely that I seriously am considering asking for donations so I can buy a page from this issue (this particular issue) [if anyone is interested in this endeavor of mine, you can contact me via this website].

I really hope we get an explanation as to how the Bats got free, ’cause that’s the real big mystery (and not how they are going to prevent Cataclysm the Sequel: Cataclysmpocalypse!)

Three and a half Thwips and a cheers and kudos for Marcio Takara!


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