Thwip! Reviews – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #19

Man Venditti’s run is seriously underrated, ’cause this guy knows how to right Hal and crew.

So the story is more time traveling shenanigans (kind of expected since Rip Hunter is involved…though seriously, they need to bring the Legends into main DCU proper). Anyways, yeah the main driving force of the plot is not as compelling as I would like, they have been dealing with time travelers since Krona tried to see the beginning of the universe, and so another threat won’t really make a dent in a Lantern’s day.

The thing is though, again it’s all about the interactions, about how douchey Hal is, or how “edgy”/Gen-X Kyle is (again), or how John Stewart is a tactician (they seem to downplay his soldier aspect, which is good, his architect self was more interesting) and how all these guys are actually pretty competent at being space cops, just that they are all very different people and they feel different – you come for the time travel, you stay for the camaraderie basically.

V Ken Marion’s art is pretty nice, solid, good craftsmanship that works well with this comic, I can’t wait for some more big battle scenes, ’cause despite the blandness of the Prism Beasts, I want to see what constructs Marion is going to pull out to be all impressive and stuff.

A decent issue, just good solid comic booking…with some superb character work, three and a half Thwips!


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