Thwip! Reviews – The Flash #21

The second part to the much hyped “The Button” crossover builds such a momentum that you can’t help but feel that next week can’t come fast enough.

Two side rants, first of all, Wally stopped needing the Cosmic Treadmill…only needing it when he was Kid Flash, so stop misremembering stuff Barry, you hack.

Second, I hate Flashpoint Batman, it completely negates Bruce Wayne, in that Bruce spends years of his life training to be the Bat…and his dad is like, “fuck it, I am Batman” and then manages to kill Reverse-Flash without even any proper preptime – yeah I hate Flashpoint (and Barry Allen being back)

Anyways, with this Flash side of the crossover we get a bit of deepening of the mystery, especially since this crossover seems to rely heavily on the Flash-side of the universe at the moment. I have to admit, despite the many flaws in continuity and just hand waving away of logic, I still got drawn into what is happening. I really hope that the crossover yields something satisfying, or I am going to be sorely disappointed by DC and their hype machine.

The true hero of this issue was Howard Porter, who has managed to graduate from a workman, bland style into something rough, loose, and oozing of that cackling energy that is just right for The Flash. Again there are some off-character modeling (or just weird choices), but it isn’t detracting or distracting enough for you to yell foul. In fact, it all feels just right.

Very solid buildup of the mystery, can’t wait until the third chapter next week, four Thwips!



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