Thwip! Reviews – Weapon X #2

I am never quite sure how to feel when I realize that the comic is finished all too quickly…is that a good thing since that means it was easily readable? Or was it so light that I just rushed through it?

That’s the mixture of feelings I had rushing through me as I finished the issue. I am not sure if I am disappointed or not.

Anyways, let me work through my feelings while writing this review.

This issue was more set up as it introduced another member of what is going to be a part of the Weapon X crew (also, why is Domino part of it? Was/is she a former member of Weapon X? I don’t remember that, but my Marvel lore knowledge is woefully inadequate at times).

We also get a bit of progress in the bromance of Old Man Logan and Sabertooth which has Logan continuing his mental upper hand on his nemesis from another universe (well Sabertooth is from this universe while OML is from the other place…so that was a bit of confusing wordistry right there, sorry about that).

Anyways, other than that, we do spend some time with the villains, but I don’t really care…mainly because I realize now that once again they are chasing after the Weapon X people and all of us must be thinking, “really? has Marvel science not progressed enough yet that they are going to try for something new, rather than still going after mutant healing factors? also are we still trying to replicate Captain America’s super-serum? No wonder America is so behind, you do not encourage enough STEM development among your students…”

Yeah, if I start ranting about education instead of thinking, “haha! Logan and Sabertooth back together again!” then I guess this comic kind of was underwhelming in the end.

An average two and a half Thwips! for this issue due to its light-weightness.


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