Thwip! Reviews – X-Men Blue #2

So this has been a bit of return to form for the X-Men (namely classic X-Men stories) with the original five trying to survive their teen drama as well as Sentinels.

Though it looks like the Sentinels are the least of their problems (literally).

This was a perfectly fine issue for those who might be thinking I am crapping all over it, it gives us relationship dynamics that are interesting and well-craftedly delivered, it allows us to see that the potential problems that our heroes will face as the series goes on, and it has decent art (I feel like I liked this issue’s art more than the previous one).

There is some interesting dynamics between Magneto and Jean Grey, kind of being a dark mirror reflection of her time with Professor X, I am quite intrigued by that.

Other than that, I think if Bunn can maintain this level of craft for the issues (along with Molina’s pretty nice art), X-Men Blue should be a good beginning to a resurgence of X-Men in the Marvel universe (I also want to say that I like the fact that they are less Teen Titans-like and more like the X-Men I feel comfortable with).

Three and a half Thwips! and a melt into nostalgia.


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