Thwip! Reviews – X-Men Gold #02

Well that was an issue.

I think I would like to point out the irony that a Muslim artist (who has now been kicked off the book for pushing an anti-Christian agenda that is happening in Indonesia) drew this issue which talks about (in a veiled way) about the current anti-Muslim rhetoric sweeping through America.

It’s almost enough to make your head spin around.

Anyways, so this issue decided to throw out subtlety and just go full on social justice (which to be fair is the X-Men’s bread and butter, but I would have liked a bit less on the nose) with the X-Men dealing with the fear that the normies have about the mutants.

The fight between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants was a decent showcase of Kitty’s leadership skills, though the conclusion was kind of dumb (what was the reason they kidnapped OML? It seems just to get hacked and slashed and be ended basically).

Ardian Syaf’s art is okay, a bit rougher than I would have liked, but still an acceptable facsimile of Marvel house style – though we won’t have to deal with it much longer.

It was an okay issue with okay art, all with unsubtle messages (hah, now that’s a good joke).

Three Thwips! and we move on with our lives…


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