Thwip! Watch – Riverdale – S01E11 – “To Riverdale and Back Again”

Thwip! Watch is all about what goes on our screens, namely TV. Whether CW or Fox or NBC or what-have-you, you can be sure that we here at Thwip! have been watching it. Today we are going to talk about Riverdale.

Do I really need to introduce how I am going to talk about this? Nah, you my loyal followers, let’s live-blog this.

  1. Ah, a reference to the old TV movie that had Archie and the gang come back to Riverdale for their reunion…it was quite depressing (plus the characters looked way off model compared to these kids).
  2. At least Josie and the Pussycats have nice voices…though they aren’t my Pussycats.
  3. Baxter High? Really? What happened Central?
  4. Why is Weatherbee such a butt? That’s not my principal!
  5. Awww, Momma Andrews is a sweetheart (so far…)
  6. (so the reference to the TV movie is that this is Homecoming Weekend which means reunion time!)
  7. Goddamit Hermione, stop being oddly reasonable about your husband!
  8. So we aren’t going to discuss the weekend party are we?
  9. Jughead’s dad is kinda alright when he is sober
  10. People, where are my burgers? (both in the show and in reality, I haven’t gotten a single donation yet)
  11. Oh no! Veronica rejected Archie!
  12. Wait, that’s a good thing, it means we get to see more Archie antics as he tries to court Ronnie!
  13. Good lord Alice Cooper, you seriously psychotic
  14. Also, if Valerie was the murderer, she would have made sure no one would find her, she stone cold
  15. FP = Forsythe Pendleton = Jughead’s dad (for those of you are wondering, Jughead’s real name is Forsythe Pendleton Jones III)
  16. Actually a decent dress for Polly
  19. I swear Sabrina showing up would be the most normal thing ever
  20. Also, if Sabrina does show up, Melissa Joan Hart has to be one of the aunts
  23. Holy shit, I think those were murder eyes from Betty
  24. Awww, Ronnie saves the day…again!
  25. Woah Archie, calm the moves down, she said no the first time, ease back into the game
  26. I don’t want to know how Alice is going to keep FP busy…
  27. Also, I hate the fact that they call him “FP”
  28. Uh oh, Mary Andrews and Hermione are meeting
  29. That was less awkward than I expected
  30. Yeah that homecoming co-queen thing is weird as hell
  31. DAILY MILKSHAKE?? No wonder America is so fat…but why isn’t Polly Cooper? She looks like she stuffed a pillow in her dress rather than be pregnant
  32. Considering this show, not far from the realm of possibility
  33. Jughead is oddly upbeat, I guess it shows what a somewhat healthy home can do to a person
  34. No one believes you Alice…you a psychopath
  35. There we go, the claws are unsheathed – seriously, Alice Cooper is basically one of those hidden Soul Calibur characters
  36. HEY! It’s Jughead! Kind of love him dropping in just like that (it’s how it goes)
  37. Fred, you trying to keep two girls on the hook? Archie can’t do it, what makes you think you can?
  38. Ah Jug, today you aren’t the most perceptive, your dad’s clouded your mind
  40. Pollykins sounds terrible, also, we need to stop adding “-kins” as nicknames
  41. Wow, Cheryl looks good with some color in her face.
  42. HANDS OFF GOLLUM! HAHAHAHA, Cheryl you so savage even when you get damage/shocked
  43. Some nice dresses for Betty and Alice, though oddly overdressed for such a dinner
  44. Dang Alice, cool your jets, let us chew a bit
  45. It’s HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! (that’s Papa Cooper if you guys didn’t know)
  46. Wow, Betty knows how to throw a wrench in her mom’s plans
  47. The background music is really good in this show.
  48. Hmmm, raise your hands if you believe Momma Blossom’s story of how they got the engagement ring.
  50. Also, I miss Pop’s
  51. I wonder what Reggie’s dad is doing since Hal is the guy running the newspaper in this universe
  52. I like how Jughead tries to head off the pass and FP knows exactly what he is doing
  53. OH DAMN! FP is dropping bombs!
  54. THERE IS PEACH PIE? GODDAMIT PARENTS! I wanted some pie!
  55. See? Cheryl didn’t even believe that story
  56. Also, told you that milkshake was evil
  57. You guys never listen to me
  58. Alright, raise your hands if you believe Cheryl’s story.
  59. The way Cheryl’s parents look at her, it’s some Children of the Corn shit there
  60. Shit, forgot about Veronica and Archie in the trailer!
  61. These stories get really engrossing…all of the side-stories
  62. Awww, Archie you are the right amount of bland reasonableness that these characters need (’cause everyone else is batshit)
  63. Ooooh, they actually had a plan, I thought they were going to get caught actually
  64. THAT IS FUCKING ADORABLE! Jughead opening the umbrella for Betty
  65. I do want to see what Jellybean looks like
  66. Damn, they still doing the Ohio reference fro Jughead, that’s some deep-cut referencing there.
  67. SNAP! Fred Andrews looks hot (oh wait, he is Luke Perry afterall)
  68. Wow, that was a whiplash reaction Cheryl (though not totally unexpected)
  69. HOLY CRAP ALICE! Do you not take a break?
  70. Also, “polyamorist” is actually a word
  71. Mary shuts down Alice! KA-BLAM!
  73. Why the fuck would the Mayor care about the itinerary of the school dance? Even if it is homecoming…how small is Riverdale?
  74. I still feel like shouting “SECURITY” every time I see the Mayor
  75. Betty’s got sharp instincts
  76. Oh man, the Mayor introducing Archie and Veronica instead of Josie must be eating her up inside
  77. I have no idea what this song is, but I love this version (it’s a cover of “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde)
  78. You know, considering this is apparently Camila Mendes’s first gig, she is doing a fantastic job as Veronica
  79. Goddamn this music montage is super packed, I have no idea what to write about (and visually really nicely done)
  80. Who would think the Archie TV show would have such high quality? Seriously…
  81. I feel like FP would be like, “that’s not my gun…THIS is my gun!” and pulls out a different one from a different location
  82. Is that something you should admit at such a nice intimate moment Kevin?
  83. Jughead looks great in that suit of his
  84. Suits are awesome
  85. Man, I can’t believe they actually told the truth
  86. Also, this is some serious betrayal kids
  89. I kind of like the fact that the parents also came (and not in a malicious sort of way) to tell Jughead the news.
  90. Dude, you are potentially committing a Federal offense.
  91. Uh oh, Betty said “damn” and to her mom
  92. Also Betty has admitted she loves Jughead…too bad he wasn’t around to hear that
  93. DARK BETTY IS UNLEASHED! The only thing that can stand up to Alice Cooper
  94. Chicago does have a great music program
  95. Mary is right, Riverdale is crazy, Chicago seems safer
  96. Oh no, Fred feels betrayed
  97. It’s kind of scary that it felt normal that Cheryl had to check if Polly was breathing…IT’S BEEN HOURS! SHE COULD HAVE BEEN DEAD!
  98. Man that was a nice shot of the diner
  99. Why are they finishing each other’s sentences? So weird
  100. An oddly subtle cliffhanger compared to the previous episodes.

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