Thwip! Reviews – Bane – Conquest #1

With the “I am Bane” storyline having wrapped up recently in the Batman series, it’s really good that Bane is getting to stay in the spotlight.

This story feels like a throwback to the ’90s, from the art style to the story as well.

Chuck Dixon (and Graham Nolan) is of course the creator of Bane, so it is fitting that he is writing the first solo story for Bane in this Rebirth-verse.

The story is kind of a throwback to old-school comics and so isn’t that great in a modern sense. While it isn’t modern, the nostalgia is kind of nice. The story itself is alright, showing off why Bane is badass, having brains and brawn and the loyalty of a tight crew (it’s good to see the boys back, Trogg, Zombie, and Bird).

Other than that, there isn’t much to say about the story itself, being typical gang warfare stuff…but they did bring back Qurac, so that is another throwback to the 90s.

Graham Nolan’s art style does not age well though, being rough and a little incomplete at times. It feels as if he was rushed to finish. I hope the other issues are a bit smoother looking or this is going to be a rough ride for everyone.

Three Thwips! for nostalgia reasons.


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