Thwip! Reviews – Batman #22

This issue left me afraid.

I am afraid that the mystery is not going to pay out the way we want it to (as in, satisfyingly).

I am afraid that what has been teased for so long is going to end up with us getting a giant goose’s egg (which is good for baking, not for us waiting for a good end).

That’s ’cause this was an issue that had basically two pages of actual content, the rest was emotional blackmailing and filler.

Now, I mentioned before that I hate Flashpoint and I hate Flashpoint Batman. Besides the fact that it doesn’t make sense that Thomas Wayne is the Batman (especially a competent one), but the other part of Flashpoint I hated was when Barry Allen tried getting his powers back, by forcing that lightning and chemical mixture to bathe him (which is beyond stupid for many reasons, but the biggest thing was…BARRY ALLEN WAS THE F*CKING LIGHTNING THAT GAVE HIM HIS OWN POWERS! THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF HIS DEATH IN CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS!)

Goddamn Flashpoint.

So this issue was no good because the cliffhanger that they came in on was resolved in a Flash second and instead it just left us going “why is the Flashpoint history still around? And now we are off!” The emotional cues that this issue tries to drop on us, feels flat and gimmicky, rather than genuine or even heartfelt.

The art was fine, Fabok is a good artist, but this whole issue left me so mad that I didn’t care for his art (it was actually alright, nothing spectacular, just helped to serve the issue).

One very annoyed Thwip! for this third part in a four part crossover.


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