Thwip! Reviews – Green Lanterns #22

I really love this series, Humphries really knows how to write Jessica Cruz and put hte Green Lanterns into some good stories (he has yet to convince me properly about his Simon Baz, which is kind of sad, I want Baz to be…well, someone! But, at least the stories are good).

Was this a good story?

Yeah for a beginning story arc it is just right, igniting my curiosity as to what is going to happen. That’s ’cause Baz and Cruz are going to be properly trained (with Rayner and Gardner respectively, this is going to be fun) and it looks like Volthoom is finally going to start making his move.

This is the comics I have been missing, where they do a regular story arc, but at the same time they have a larger idea playing out in the background (the Rebirth mystery doesn’t count because they seem to be weaving that in and out of stories a bit more arbitrarily). The other thing that I really enjoyed about this issue is that for the first time…SOMEONE IS REACTING TO BEING A GREEN LANTERN WITH WONDER! You are a space cop! You get to go all over space! SPACE! SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

Plus Mogo is a cutie, if he ever socializes, he and Jessica Cruz should hook up (which would be funny on so many levels, from ironic to Marx).

Ronan Cliquet’s art is pretty good, a bit workmanlike, but you know what? That’s never a bad thing, it just means it isn’t spectacular. I like his take on Mogo, and some of the other double-page spreads to show off the spectacularness of space worked really well for me.

A good solid issue, four Thwips! just for Mogo.


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