Thwip! Reviews – Superman #22

We have been spending far too much time with Jon and Clark, so now it’s time for Lois to shine.

And shine she does.

Gleason and Tomasi show that they know how to write the badass reporter of DC as she investigate why the heck is everyone missing.

I mentioned in a review last week that I don’t know how to feel when an issue is over quickly, for this one I definitely know how I feel – that’s ’cause this comic was so good that I flipped through the pages as quick as I could to see what was going on (good cliffhanger too). This is a middle chapter of a story arc that builds on the mystery that it established in the previous issue and does it well with a bit of intrigue, a bit of action, and a good hook at the end to keep us wanting more for the next issue.

Then we have Mahnke’s art which is still solid, though am going to admit that there are moments which feels off-model or off-scale (I need more art words in my vocabulary), but it isn’t distracting enough to throw me off my reading.

A good solid issue, three and a half Thwips! for a very nice solid issue.


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