Thwip! Review – Jean Grey #1

Oddly enough, a way better story than expected.

See when I first heard that Jean Grey and Iceman were going to have solo titles, I thought to myself, are they interesting enough to hold their own?

Jean Grey so far has a good thing going for her. That’s because this is the young Jean Grey who now stands in the shadow of her older self. Basically this is Marvel doing legacy right (something that they really can’t do for the most part, I shall do a Soapbox Sunday on it one day).

Hopeless has a good handle on what a teenage girl is thinking (though to be fair I don’t know how a teenage girl should be thinking, so I guess I am trying to say he has given her a voice that seems to make sense?) and the angst that she feels does not feel too overwrought. There is also a decent enough amount of comedy to balance out the angst, which is always a good (but difficult) thing to do.

Ibanez’s art is the mainstay for me, having a nice, light, airy feel, something which feels appropriate for this teenaged hero. His design sense for the Phoenix is pretty awesome as well.

Happy with the story, but in love with the art, four Thwips! for a pretty good issue.


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