Thwip! Reviews – Black Bolt #1

Man that is a gorgeous cover, minimalist design, but so evocative.

A very intriguing first issue from an author whose novels I enjoyed, so am looking forward to what comes next.

The reason why I liked this issue is that Saladin is trying to write a story that is not a conventional superhero story (at least being put out right now), it still has familiar elements, but it definitely doesn’t feel the same as anything else that Marvel is putting out right now. Instead we have basically an escape story, ’cause ol’Blackagar Boltagon (a hiliariously comic book name) needs to get out of this strange hell hole that he put himself in.

Since Black Bolt has never had a solo series (that I know of), so he gets to do whatever he wants as he lets Black Bolt does his solo adventuring, which means we just might get an interesting story to read.

Then we have Christian Ward, whose art style is phenomenal (though not for everyone, there are some elements that look rough, but to me feel more stylistic and reflecting of the inner monologue that is going on), really does a great job for Black Bolt, making it visually interesting, but still very much a recognizable story.

A good first issue, four Thwips! for it’s potentiality as well.



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