Thwip! Reviews – X-Men Gold #3

A conclusion to this introductory storyline (and Syaf’s art duties) leaves with some good sides and some blah sides.

Marc Guggenheim has a clear idea as to where he wants to take this group of X-Men, which is a good thing, ’cause the story itself left me kind of cold. So let’s talk about what’s great about this story.

The authority that he gives to Kitty works. She seems like a capable leader (which makes sense, she has been with the X-Men since the ’80s after all) and is worthy of being essentially the “next-generation” leader (though, is she really next generation? I guess she will do for now). The fact that the others defer to her authority actually makes for a good change since usually the X-Men are all about the internal squabbles and ego-clashing. Instead what we get is a competent team that works like they have been together for years (which they have).

The story itself is a massive throwback to the old days of X-Men where they have to fight bigotry…I know that that is still a thing in our present day, but I was kind of hoping for something less on the nose, especially since their enemy is a member of government, something that has been done before and also is an obvious shout out to what the world is facing today.

It just feels kind of over done.

Other than that, Syaf’s art is the same quality as it has been, nothing more to add to what has been said before. I am more looking forward to who the next artist will be, ’cause I want a bit of a more updated art style (Syaf’s style feels like a bit of a rough throwback to the early 2000s).

Anyways, a decent issue, so three Thwips for it.


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